Biker Battleground Phoenix

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The country’s top motorcycle builders compete day and night. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, where buyers are willing to pay upwards of $150,000 for a fully-customized, one-of-a-kind ride. Biker Battleground Phoenix follows the temperamental and talented bad boys of the bike business. In their world, showcases are for pride and bragging rights, competition is cutthroat and money talks. When egos and passion collide, the aftershocks echo across town.
They don’t follow trends–they set them. No tactic is off limits and no move is too corrupt. From stealing ideas and poaching employees to public bashing on social media, these guys will do whatever it takes to give themselves and their shops the ultimate edge over the rest.

Opening Introduction: (narrated by Greg Berger)

Phoenix, Arizona, the biker-building capital of the world. It's the coliseum of custom motorcycles, the biggest battleground there is. Five rivals who fought their way to the top are about to face off: two old enemies, a billionaire outsider, a young gun with everything to prove, and a rebel artist. Blood rivals will battle it out for ego, money and reputation. Five builders pushed to their limits. A season-long battle waged from shops and garages to the giant stages of the biggest bikes shows in the nation, including the epic rally at Sturgis. Now, there's one more battle and this one is personal.