Kody McNew founded Voodoo Bikeworks in 2012 and is proudly based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Voodoo Bikeworks provide a full line of Bagger and Softail parts for your Harley Davidson.  Whether you’re looking to add a set of stretch bags, or adding a killer stereo system, Voodoo Bikeworks has all the aftermarket parts to turn your bagger into a show stopping winner.

Voodoo BIkeworks not only provide parts, they also build one off custom bikes for a select few customers. Looking to upgrade your Harley Davidson touring model or softail into a big wheel bagger? How about some new paint? How about some stereo upgrades?  The team at Voodoo Bikeworks is highly skilled and capable of turning your bike into the bike of your dreams.

Our mission is to help you create the look you want on your bagger!!!

Owner of Voodoo Bikeworks, Kody McNew aka "The Young Gun" made a name for himself in 2013 by winning multiple awards in Sturgis, the largest bike-building competition in the world by turning his hobby into an empire overnight with his unique stylistic bikes.  He also took the bagger industry by storm with his appearance on the reality show Biker Battleground Phoenix aired on the History Channel.