The Beatbox

The Beatbox

from 950.00

The Beatbox is the hottest motorcycle audio product on the scene right now!! We have created another killer product for our audio parts line. This is another option for you guys that are looking for correct sound staging for your bike. This razor pack fits up to FIVE 8”s OR whatever you’d like to put in it!! Two 8'“s fire at angles out the bottom to fill in that side sound your bike is missing. This pack still opens with your factory hardware. It also has a slot that fits up to a 12” third brake/tail light for extra visibility. (Not included.) This comes pre-drilled in primer.

*Fits on any 4 point tour pack rack.

*Measurements: 11.75”tall, 22”long, 30”wide

This pack will be sold with a few options. (Carpet kit, hardware, backrest pad.) If you choose to do the whole kit there is a $125 discount.

Carpet Kit:
Backrest Pad:
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